Embassy of Russia in Manila, Philippines – From Diplomacy to Culture

Russian Embassy in Manila - Philippines
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The Embassy of Russia in Manila, Philippines, is the official diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in the Republic of the Philippines. The embassy plays a significant role in maintaining bilateral relations between the two countries, and its main function is to promote and protect the interests of Russia in the Philippines.

History of the Embassy

The Embassy of Russia in Manila was established on June 2, 1947, after the Soviet Union recognized the independence of the Philippines from the United States. The first Russian envoy to the Philippines was Nikolai V. Novikov, who served as the first ambassador until 1949. Since then, the embassy has gone through various changes and relocations before settling into its current location in the Makati district of Manila.

Roles and Functions

Embassy of Russia in Manila - History and Services
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Diplomatic Relations

The embassy is responsible for developing and maintaining good diplomatic relations between Russia and the Philippines. This involves coordinating with various government agencies and officials in both countries to facilitate mutual cooperation in various fields such as trade, investment, and defense.

Consular Services

The embassy also provides consular services to Russian citizens in the Philippines, including passport issuance, visa processing, and other forms of assistance. The embassy also works to promote cultural and educational exchanges between the two countries.

Address: Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Philippines, 1245 Acacia Road, Dasmarinas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: +632 893-0190, 817-5406
Telex: (75) 63709 SOVPSL PN
Fax: +632 810-9614
E-mail: [email protected]
Consular department
Phone: +632 810-9581
Fax: +632 810-95-81


Political and Economic Affairs

The embassy monitors and analyzes political and economic developments in the Philippines and provides the Russian government with relevant information and recommendations on how to engage with the country. This includes conducting research on the Philippine economy, analyzing trade data, and assessing potential investment opportunities.

Activities and Events

The embassy regularly hosts events and activities to promote Russian culture and raise awareness of Russian interests in the Philippines. This includes cultural performances, film screenings, and exhibits showcasing Russian art, history, and traditions. The embassy also sponsors scholarships and exchange programs for Philippine students and professionals to study in Russia.

Bilateral Relations

Russia and the Philippines have maintained diplomatic relations since 1976, with the establishment of the Philippine embassy in Moscow. Over the years, the two countries have cooperated in various fields, including trade, education, and defense.

In recent years, both countries have strengthened their ties through high-level visits, such as the state visit of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to Russia in 2019. The visit resulted in the signing of several agreements on defense, trade, and cultural cooperation.


The Embassy of Russia in Manila plays a crucial role in fostering strong bilateral relations between Russia and the Philippines. Its functions and activities extend beyond traditional diplomacy to include cultural and educational exchanges and consular services for Russian citizens in the Philippines. Through its various efforts, the embassy contributes to promoting mutual understanding and cooperation between the two countries.